Yael Bartana
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Yael Bartana

“I am interested in the dynamics of a state that prescribes a specific belief system, and the individual who embraces it.” Yael Bartana

The camera was probably set up on a bridge, filming the evening traffic as it races along an expressway. For many minutes, the viewer does not see much more than blinding headlights, and cannot make out any of the drivers. But suddenly, as if halted by some unseen hand, the cars stop. People get out, stand next to their vehicles, and sink their heads. Without an explanation, Trembling Time (2001) by Israeli video artist Yael Bartana (*1970) would remain incomprehensible; it shows the country’s annual minute of silence for those who have lost their lives in Israel’s wars. Bartana’s works reflect on the relationship between the individual and society in the context of the specific political situation in her homeland. This publication contains a detailed visual and written presentation of all of the artist’s works, as well as a complete videography.

79.00 zł
oprawa twarda
Hatje Cantz
Niemieckij. angielski

Dostępność: w małej ilości
Wysyłka w ciągu: 1 dzień
Łódź Design Festival // OD.NOWARezone - mieszkania w kameralnych inwestycjach w Warszawie
LATO 041
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