Fashion Drawing: Illustration Techniques for Fashion Designers
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Fashion Drawing: Illustration Techniques for Fashion Designers

This book is a comprehensive, practical guide to fashion drawing for students and designers looking to improve their skills. With a contemporary and comprehensive approach, the book offers step-by-step guidance and shows how drawing is an integral function of the garment design process. Illustrated throughout with a wide range of images from key illustrators and designers, Fashion Drawing provides the instruction necessary to allow students to develop their own illustration style.

Part I Drawing Fashion Figures:
Chapter 1 Drawing Women
Chapter 2 Drawing Men
Chapter 3 Drawing Children and Young Adults
Chapter 4 Zooming In
Chapter 5 Working from Life/Model Drawing

Part II Garment Details:
Chapter 6 Basic Garment Details
Chapter 7 Drapery
Chapter 8 Tailored Clothing

Part III Rendering Techniques:
Chapter 9 Shine
Chapter 10 Woven Wools
Chapter 11 Print Fabrics
Chapter 12 Sheers

Michele Wesen Bryant teaches drawing at Parsons School of Fashion and at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She was also a visiting professor at Istanbul Technical University, FIT at Polimoda and Parsons Paris.

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Michele Wesen Bryant

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