Ingrid Pollard: Postcards Home

Ingrid Pollard: Postcards Home

Pollard first came to public attention in 1987 with Pastoral Interlude, a series of photographs about Black people's experience of the English countryside. Steeped in the heritage of Wordsworth and the Romantic poets, her photographs explore the beauty of the English landscape and coastline, alongside the memories hidden within England's history and its relationship to Africa and the Caribbean. Her interest in the layers of history is echoed in the accomplished use of 19th century photographic techniques. Pollard has been widely exhibited in Europe and America, including at the National Portrait Gallery (London), Museum of Modern Art (Oxford), NGBK (Berlin) and Camerawork (San Francisco). Ten of Pollard's most important series are featured, and the book is introduced with a short essay by Mark Haworth-Booth, director of collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.

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