Jakob Tuggener: Fotografien (wyd. niemieckie)

Jakob Tuggener: Fotografien (wyd. niemieckie)

This book is the first comprehensive monograph on the Swiss photographer, filmmaker and painter Jakob Tuggener (1904-1988), an extraordinarily innovative artist whose work is still only known to a few cognoscenti.

After studying graphic design, photography, and film in Berlin, Tuggener returned to his native Switzerland in 1932 and developed his unique personal style that became extremely influential for young photographers after World War II. Drawing on his knowledge of silent film and graphic design, Tuggener assembled his photographs in over sixty book projects, most of them never published.

This monograph offers a splendid panoramic view of Tuggener’s poetic and cinematic world - workers in the factory, villages and farms in the countryside, high society events. Tuggener traveled with an open mind and eye through all the strata of society to find the images that would give an expression to his vision.

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