Francois-Marie Banier: I missed you
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Francois-Marie Banier: I missed you

“My thirst for faces, for bodies, for ways of sitting, standing and walking and for newly discovered gazes slakes all other thirsts. My thirst for music, for the sea, for mountain peaks, for the myriad pleasures and feelings that make life so varied, so similar, so captivatingly unpredictable. I’ll never cease to be moved every time I bring my camera to my eye as it swings to and fro in front of my heart, to capture first one, then another of the alluvial deposits that we are, the products of centuries of thought, custom, laughter, pain, alliances, loves, fighting, beliefs, doubts, of everything and its opposite making gazes so deep and mysterious that I’ve made my choice between to be or not to be, and not only for my own sake but for you whom I have missed, each producing an equally strong turmoil, echoing so many civilizations and dreams that we owe it to them to appear: we are links in the chain of eternity.”

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