The Pentagram Papers

The Pentagram Papers

A collection of 36 papers containing curious, entertaining, stimulating, provocative and occasionally controversial points of view that have come to the attention of, or in some cases are actually originated by, the partners of Pentagram Design.

Since 1975, the famed international design firm Pentagram has produced a series of signature documents, known as Pentagram Papers, exclusively for clients and colleagues. The design brilliance and quirky sensibility of the Papers has never before been made available to the public at large in any way. On the occasion of the firm's thirty-fifth anniversary, these idiosyncratic and influential pieces are collected together for the first time …

• Also includes a complete issue of Pentagram Papers 36

199.00 zł
oprawa twarda
Thames & Hudson
Herbert Ypma

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Wysyłka w ciągu: 1 dzień
Łódź Design Festival // OD.NOWA
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