Hockney's Pictures: The Definitive Retrospective (miękka oprawa)

Hockney's Pictures: The Definitive Retrospective (miękka oprawa)

"The story of David Hockney, one of the most widely acclaimed of all living artists, is one of passion: passion for seeing, passion for telling, passion for images. But to these should be added the passion for life." "Hockney's Pictures is the first definitive "retrospective" to show the evolution and diversity of Hockney's prolific paintings, drawings, watercolors, prints, and photography, including new and published works. The pieces, presented thematically, are selected and organized by David Hockney himself, and track Hockney's lifelong experiments in ways of looking and depicting." With 325 illustrations, accompanied by extensive quotes from the artist himself that illuminate the passionate thinking behind the work, Hockney's Pictures is destined to become a classic. 

About the author:
David Hockney is Britain's most celebrated living artist and one of the most popular artists working today. His work is in the permanent collections of major museums internationally, and his book The Secret Knowledge was one of the best-selling art books of 2001.

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Thames & Hudson
David HockneyGregory Evans

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