Magnum Magnum (miękka oprawa)

Magnum Magnum (miękka oprawa)

Wydanie w miękkiej oprawie.

Kompletną listę fotografów, których prace znalazły się w albumie można znaleźć na stronie wydawnictwa Thames & Hudson:



The first edition of Magnum Magnum was the photography book of the decade, a landmark publication that celebrated the vision, imagination and brilliance of the world’s most renowned photographic agency. Following that dazzling success, here is this exceptional book in paperback format for the first time.
With over 400 images selected by Magnum’s photographers, this is at once a permanent record of many of the iconic images from the last 60 years by a legendary creative collective, and an insight, as seen through the critical eyes and minds of Magnum photographers, into what makes a great photograph.

Magnum Magnum harks back to Magnum’s early days, evoking the spirit of what made it such a unique creative environment, where each of the four founding members picture-edited the others’ photographs. Here, a current Magnum photographer selects and critiques six key works of another of the 69 photographers featured, with a commentary explaining the rationale behind their choice.

Including the work of both the acknowledged greats of photography in the 20th century and the modern masters and rising stars of our time, this is the essential book for anyone interested in photography or the world depicted by it.



129.00 zł
oprawa twarda
Thames & Hudson
Brigitte Lardinois

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