Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon


Richard Avedon Portraits

Richard Avedon Portraits


Niezwykle portrety niezwyklych osob. Album Portraits Richarda Avedona to zbior niezwyklych fotografii wydanych by towarzyszyc znacznie obszerniejszej wystawie w Metropolitan Museum of Art. Cykl fotografii Portraits byl najwiekszym osiagnieciem Avendona.


strona Richard Avedon Portraits


The subject of an upcoming retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Avedon long ago entered the canon of fashion photography and modern portraiture. His trademark images of people standing against white backdrops, at once unflinching and glamorous in their effect, have helped define our idea of celebrity itself (if Avedon shot them, they must be famous). This slipcased, accordion-fold collection of 50 black and white portraits from the past 50 years, produced for the exhibition and including an essay by curator Maria Morris Hambourg and Met research assistant Mia Fineman, as well as a brief word from the photographer himself, will do little to change Avedon's reputation. It offers, in essence, a greatest hits collection of well-known faces---Andy Warhol, William Burroughs, and that pale, hairless beekeeper covered in bugs. For those unfamiliar with Avedon's work, or for true completists, the classy package of tri-tone reproductions will prove enticing.



Performance:Richard Avedon (Twarda oprawa)

Performance:Richard Avedon


Wszyscy gramy w spektaklu, celowo lub nieumyślnie. Udawanie, jako sposob przedstawiania siebie tak, jak bysmy chcieli by inni nas odbierali, jest tematem albumu Performence, Richarda Avedona.


"We all perform. It's what we do for each other all the time, deliberately or unintentionally. It's a way of telling about ourselves in the hope of being recognized as what we'd like to be."
--Richard Avedon, 1974

The preeminent stars and artists of the performing arts from the second half of the 20th century offered their greatest gifts-and, sometimes, their inner lives-to Richard Avedon. More than 200 are portrayed in Performance, many in photographs that have been rarely or never seen before. Of course, the great stars light the way: Hepburn and Chaplin, Monroe and Garland, Brando and Sinatra. But here too are the actors and comedians, pop stars and divas, musicians and dancers, artists in all mediums with public lives that were essentially performances, who stand at the pinnacle of our cultural achievement.



Woman in the Mirror (Twarda oprawa)

Woman in the Mirror


Richard Avedon, fotograf mody jest znany takze jako "poeta portretu". Album Woman in the Mirror jest wlasnie polaczeniem fotografii mody i portretu, w calosci dedykowany kobietom.


Looking at his work in this way, Avedon was able to create an unparalleled view of women in his time, a tumultuous half century of rapidly changing social mores, cultural ideals, popular styles, and high fashion. As an artist, he was deeply responsive to nuances of expression, gesture, and comportment, and his photographs unfailingly opened a window to the interior lives of his subjects. These ranged from celebrities (Marilyn Monroe), artists (Maria Callas, Isak Dinesen), and high-fashion models (Suzy Parker, Kate Moss) to women who simply drew his attention. Like the best of art and literature, Avedon's portraits evoke rich lives and complex experiences.

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